Bundle up your billboards

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Adams County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Allen County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks | Digital
Cass County 20 weeks
Clinton County 20 weeks
DeKalb County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Delaware County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks | Digital
Elkhart County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Grant County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks | Digital
Howard County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Huntington County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Kosciusko County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
LaGrange County 20 weeks
La Porte Country 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Madison County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks | Digital
Marshall County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Miami County 20 weeks
Montgomery County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Noble County 20 weeks
St. Joseph County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks | Digital
Steuben County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Tippecanoe County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Wabash County 20 weeks
Whitley County 20 weeks

Plan Ahead for Q4

It may be hard to believe, but we’re more than halfway through 2018. The holiday season is right around the corner. For many small businesses, the late summer months and fall are a crucial time for reaching their annual goals. But success doesn’t happen by accident – planning makes all the difference.


Burkhart Engages Indiana Drivers With New Digital Network

By Marc Raybin, Cardinal Communications Strategies

Burkhart Advertising is changing the way travelers engage with billboards across Northern Indiana with its bold initiative to install dynamic digital structures across multiple counties.

“Our approach has always been methodical, but late last year we saw an opportunity to ramp up our digital presence by more than 50 percent with the catch being we had to complete the entire project in only one quarter to get it done by the end of the year,” says Charlie Miller, Burkhart’s third-generation chief executive officer. “We had to convert eight digital billboards in winter weather conditions where temperatures typically fall well into the negative degrees and wind whips across the plains at dangerous speeds.” READ MORE

A Higher Form of Hiring

Recruiting for open positions in today’s job market can be time-consuming and difficult. Finding the right place to post becomes increasingly difficult with so many options. Luckily there’s a way that’s classier than the classifieds and more intuitive than online search engines: billboards. READ MORE

A Vote for OOH

Politics is a competitive place, especially in today’s bi-partisan climate. But one thing both parties can agree on is that out of home advertising is an effective way to reach potential voters.READ MORE

Success Story: Tractor Supply Co

Tractor Supply Co. Distribution Center in Pendelton, Indiana is a behind-the-scenes facility making sure retail stores are fully stocked with a variety of agricultural and livestock supplies, tools, workwear and boots. In an effort to increase awareness of open shift positions, they turned to Burkhart and outdoor advertising for some relevant messaging and designs.

Timely, Relevant, Trending

Trends are tricky when it comes to your business. There are many questions that arise about brand integrity, relevance and competition. How do you decide which trends are worth following? How can you make a change while still remaining true to your mission?

These are all questions that Joy Chen, contributing writer to Entrepreneur Magazine, works to examine and answer in a recent article, “Capitalize on Trends But Stand Firm on Your Identity,” and we’ve pulled out some of our favorite advice below.



Only One Label Counts

Created by the award-winning agency that developed the Feel the Real industry campaign in 2015, this new OOH campaign drives consumers to a user-friendly website (VoteToCount.com) that guides people to voter registration in their home jurisdictions. Besides encouraging voter registration and turnout, VoteToCount also highlights OOH’s connection to online and social media by allowing consumers to customize and share their personal identity labels via social media channels. (via OAAA Outlook)