Bundle Up Your Billboards

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Adams County 20 weeks 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Allen County 50 weeks 100 weeks
Blackford County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Carroll County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
Cass County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
Clinton County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
DeKalb County 20 weeks 50 weeks
Delaware County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Elkhart County  50 weeks100 weeks
Fulton County 20 weeks 50 weeks
Grant County 20 weeks 50 weeks
Howard County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Huntington County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Jasper County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Jay County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Kosciusko County 20 weeks 50 weeks
LaGrange County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
La Porte County 20 weeks | 50 weeks
Madison County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Marshall County 20 weeks 50 weeks
Miami County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
Montgomery County 20 weeks 50 weeks
Noble County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
Pulaski County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
Randolph County 20 weeks 50 weeks 100 weeks
St. Joseph County 50 weeks 100 weeks
Steuben County 20 weeks 50 weeks
Tippecanoe County 50 weeks 100 weeks
Wabash County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
Wells County 50 weeks 100 weeks
White County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks
Whitley County 20 weeks50 weeks 100 weeks

B Bold

Rake in the business with our latest fall poster promotion!

Stand out from the crowd with out of home poster packages as low as $75 per week! Sign contract before November 19 to receive our special pricing. Advertising must be completely used by February 13. Contact your local Account Executive or call 800-777-8122 to take advantage of this limited time offer. READ MORE

Outdoor Rocks!

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Extend your Reach

Design is always more interesting when you color outside the lines—that’s why we love when clients are willing to break boundaries by adding extensions and other nontraditional materials to their outdoor advertising. READ MORE

The Fine Art of Outdoor

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely seen outdoor advertising in one form or another—whether it was a billboard, wallscape, digital display or guerilla tactics. What you might not have seen is modern day hand-painted outdoor. READ MORE

Burkhart Engages Indiana Drivers With New Digital Network

By Marc Raybin, Cardinal Communications Strategies

Burkhart Advertising is changing the way travelers engage with billboards across Northern Indiana with its bold initiative to install dynamic digital structures across multiple counties.

“Our approach has always been methodical, but late last year we saw an opportunity to ramp up our digital presence by more than 50 percent with the catch being we had to complete the entire project in only one quarter to get it done by the end of the year,” says Charlie Miller, Burkhart’s third-generation chief executive officer. “We had to convert eight digital billboards in winter weather conditions where temperatures typically fall well into the negative degrees and wind whips across the plains at dangerous speeds.” READ MORE

All’s Fair in Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is versatile—it’s a great way to promote a range of products and services. But, as the summer begins in Indiana, one of our favorite uses of billboards is to promote local summer events. The annual county fair depends on billboards to drive awareness every year, and for good reason!READ MORE

A Higher Form of Hiring

Recruiting for open positions in today’s job market can be time-consuming and difficult. Finding the right place to post becomes increasingly difficult with so many options. Luckily there’s a way that’s classier than the classifieds and more intuitive than online search engines: billboards. READ MORE

A Vote for OOH

Politics is a competitive place, especially in today’s bi-partisan climate. But one thing both parties can agree on is that out of home advertising is an effective way to reach potential voters.READ MORE

History of Out of Home

Out of home (OOH) advertising has a long and illustrious history. From the early days of sign painting to the recent developments in social interaction technology, outdoor advertising has always evolved with the times while staying true to its roots.


Success Story: National Oil & Gas

National Oil is a petroleum distributor based in Bluffton, Indiana. In business for over 70 years, they provide gasolines, fuels, and oils for motor vehicles, home heating, and farms. In an effort to increase users of their Marathon Visa credit cards, an OOH campaign was created, leading the company toward successful results.

Success Story: Tractor Supply Co

Tractor Supply Co. Distribution Center in Pendelton, Indiana is a behind-the-scenes facility making sure retail stores are fully stocked with a variety of agricultural and livestock supplies, tools, workwear and boots. In an effort to increase awareness of open shift positions, they turned to Burkhart and outdoor advertising for some relevant messaging and designs.

Success Story: City of Plymouth

The City of Plymouth is in the heart of the Midwest, and is home to a variety of sought-after tourist locations, including the Marshall County Historic Museum, Swan Lake Resort, Ancilla College, Marshall County Blueberry Festival and historic downtown. Check out the City of Plymouth’s success story on how the use of OOH advertising increased awareness and tourism in their small town.READ MORE

Who Are You Talking To: Targeting the Right Audience

When it comes to any advertising effort—especially in out of home—it’s critical to define your target audience. It’s easy to say that you want your ad to target everyone, or anyone that could be a potential customer, but in reality it’s very unlikely that your business product, service, or mission is relevant to every person who may encounter your ad.


Success Story: Nick’s Kitchen

Nick’s Kitchen is located in downtown Huntington, Indiana and is the home of the breaded pork tenderloin. A full  menu, homemade pies and hand-dipped milkshakes make this local spot the perfect classic diner. Check out Nick’s Kitchen’s success story on how the use of OOH advertising increased sales and restaurant recognition in their market.READ MORE