Le Peep South Bend


Le Peep is a locally owned restaurant with friendly service and a focus on delicious food prepared fresh daily. They take pride that their business is community-driven and that their efforts not only improve their bottom-line, but also South Bend.

Client Objective

The client’s objective was to generate awareness of the restaurant, their community involvment and also increase daily visitors.

Solution Strategy

For Le Peep, a steady and even outdoor presence is achieved throughout the year. A rotary poster program was utilized in order to rotate locations in the surrounding area to expand the coverage area throughout the annual campaign.


Le Peep was recognized from their activity in market and with the owner’s photo on the posters, she became more recognized locally increasing the visibility of Le Peep. Le Peep has also seen a steady increase in sales for the past five years since the poster campaign began.

In Our Client’s Words

“Burkhart helped a national brand feel local and community-centric. People know the posters. I have become the lady on the billboard. They definitely see it and they are helping sales, [so] billboards would be the last thing I would adjust in my marketing strategy.”

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