Clinton County Chamber of Commerce


Located in Frankfort, Indiana, the chamber unites the community through economic development, business, community engagement, and county tourism.

Client Objective

To be purposeful and targeted to generate community engagement, and encourage people to consider moving to Frankfort.

Solution Strategy

To increase reach and frequency the campaign was built around board location and placement to feature unique messages developed by Burkhart’s creative services, and pushing the “Move to Frankfort” focus.


There was an increase in engagement through dozens of phone calls and word on the street, which took on a life of it’s own to build on for future campaigns. With a more specific board targeted at the local elementary school, a teacher mentioned that she was inspired to go to work the day she saw the new message on the billboard.

In Our Client’s Words

“We really appreciate the art department. They are always good at following what we want to do. Billboards are the sky writer. We do know we attracted some people here. We believe in the product.”

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