Single Sheet Posters


Posters, or poster panels, can be used as a single unit, long term, directional, or in higher quantities to provide market coverage in industrial or commercial areas.

Eco Poster Panels

Poster panels (10’5″ x 22’8″) have frames.

Poster Wraps

Poster wraps (up to 30 percent larger than poster panels) have no frames and can include extensions.


Squares are vertical displays of two stacked panels jointly covered with one advertising message.

Poster Specs

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

Eco Poster

Material: PE Eco-Poster Single Sheet, 100% recyclable material
Installation System: Circle Graphics Cable System
Final Finished Size: 10’5” high x 22’8” wide
Expected performance life: 60 days
Material cannot be sniped

Set Up: 12.5” H x 27.2” W
Final Finished Size: 10’5”H x 22’8”W
CMYK, 240dpi, no crop marks, no bleed
Keep all essential elements 0.25 inches from edge to avoid cropping from frame

Vinyl Poster Wrap

Material: Vinyl flex, 7 ounce weight
Expected performance life of 2 years

Set Up: 6.625” high x 12.75” wide
Final Finished Size: 13’3” high x 25’6” wide
CMYK, 300dpi, no crop marks
File includes 3” bleed and 3″ pockets on all sides
Keep all essential elements 0.5 inches from edge to avoid cropping from the wrap


Allow 10 business days for artwork to be printed and received by Burkhart. Clients supplying materials to Burkhart must have them to us 3 business days prior to the start date.

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