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In today’s political environment, advertising plays a strong role in communicating key issues and elections. Leveraging outdoor advertising is a cost-effective way to promote and increase awareness of your campaign.

Billboards are a crucial piece of the media mix for political campaign strategies for good reason. Out of home ads are concise and memorable. They make a strong statement that stands out from the noise of other mediums. It allows you to reach your electorate with messages that are always on and are not subject to ad blocking technology. Out of home advertising is a non-intrusive form of mass communication that can make or break the success of a political campaign.

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Campaign success starts outdoors.

Burkhart advertising is available in Indiana Districts 2-6, and we have created unique packages for the best market distribution and saturation. Different levels allow any budget access to their voters via outdoor advertising, and our award-winning creative team is here to create eye-catching and memorable designs to get viewers to the polls.

Advertising Timeline

Finalize Plan

18 business days prior to scheduled post date.

Artwork Development

18 business days prior to scheduled post date.

Final Art Due

10 business days prior to scheduled post date.

Materials In-House

3 business days prior to scheduled post date.

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A Senate Package is also available that puts your message across Districts 2-6.

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"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” - Mark Twain

Simple Buying Process

Simple buying process

The Burkhart Buying Process above is a simplifed way to understand how your billboard goes from thought to posting. Your Account Executive will take you through each step of the process with unparalleled expertise and attention to detail to ensure the most successful advertising campaign.

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Burkhart Terms & Conditions

Investment Rates are not negotiable and are the same for all political customers according to our current published rate card. Poster and vinyl production is a separate and additional costs to all rates. Payment Terms To reserve space, 50% of the contract amount must accompany the signed contract. This is non-refundable. The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to posting. Full payment for the printing charges is to accompany the signed contract which will initiate production. If reserving space within 30 days of post date, 100% of investment is due at signing. Material Production Burkhart can facilitate the ordering of all materials on behalf of the client unless a client appointed group or advertising agency is providing that service. Location Locations will be charted and planned at the time of pre-payment. You will have final approval of the location list, provided that all changes are made two weeks before the scheduled date of posting. Burkhart will be considerate of other candidates in the market. Competing candidates may be placed in the line of sight of your advertising or on the opposite side of the structure. Schedule Locations are scheduled to start Mondays and complete on Sundays. The minimum buy duration is one period, which is four weeks or 28 days. Additional weeks can be purchased.

Burkhart reserves the right to cancel or alter a location list at any time. Burkhart will refund the remaining amount of the contract or location being cancelled. If it is necessary to change a location, it will be moved to a location of equal or greater value determined by daily effective circulation. Questions? Please refer to the terms and conditions page of your contract with Burkhart Advertising.