Bulletins are large advertising signs that are located primarily on major highways, expressways and other main roadways. Bulletin sizes vary by market.

Rotary Bulletins

With rotary bulletins, your message is moved to a different location approximately every 60 days, maximizing the number of people your message reaches.

St. Joseph & Elkhart Counties Rotary Information
Fort Wayne Rotary Information
Delaware County Rotary Information

Permanent Bulletins

With permanent bulletins, your message stays in a fixed location, reaching audiences traveling to or from a specific region, effectively saturating a particular geographic area.

Permanent Bulletin Information


Trivision bulletins use moving panels to display three different messages in a pre-determined sequence, attracting greater attention from your audience.

Trivision Information

Bulletin Specs

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

14′ x 48′

Set Up: 7.5″ high x 24.5″ wide. CMYK, 300dpi, no crop marks. File includes a 6″ bleed on all sides

10’6″ x 36′

Set Up: 5.75″ high x 18.5″ wide. CMYK, 300dpi, no crop marks. File includes a 6″ bleed on all sides

Vinyl Size / Set Up Specs

10′ x 28′

5.5″ high x 14.5″ wide

10′ x 30′

5.5″ high x 15.5″ wide

10′ x 36′

5.5″ high x 18.5″ wide

10′ x 56’8″

5.5″ high x 28.833″ wide

10’6″ x 39′

5.75″ high x 20″ wide

10’6″ x 48′

5.75″ high x 24.5″ wide

10’6 x 44’10”

5.75″ high x 22.917″ wide

12′ x 25′

6.5″ high x 13″ wide

12′ x 50′

6.5″ high x 25.5″ wide

12′ x 36’2″

6.5″ high x 18.583″ wide

14′ x 39′

7.5″ high x 20″ wide

23’8″ x 36′

12.334″ high x 18.5″ wide

25’2″ x 24’6″

13.083″ high x 30″ wide


Extensions extend beyond the frame of the billboard, either to the left, right, or above the board. Bulletin Maximum Extensions: 3′ on the top, 2′ on the sides. All extensions must be approved by Burkhart.


Allow 10 business days for artwork to be printed and received by Burkhart. Clients supplying materials to Burkhart must have them to
us 3 business days prior to the start date.

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Please contact your Burkhart Account Executive with any questions.