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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long will it take to get our billboard posted?

A: View our Timeline Document to learn about our posting process. We aim to have your billboard posted 18 business days after signing your contract. There are a couple other variables, however. If you are a new client we must set you up as an account which can take 3-5 business days, and the creative  process is determined by how efficiently the design can be approved.

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Q: How much information can we put on the board?

A: Our design teams says, “A billboard isn’t done when we’ve put everything on it, it’s done when we have removed everything we can without changing the impact of the message.” An outdoor ad should be short and to the point and not look like a print ad. In outdoor advertising, less equals more.

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Q: How long will the billboard material and image last?

A: Bulletins have a two-year guarantee on the image. The vinyl can last much longer depending on the location. Posters are designed to be removed after 4-8 weeks. Eco-posters are a single-use substrate and cannot be move, re-posted or sniped.

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Q: On what material will my ad be printed?

A: Bulletins are printed on a thick-gauge 7.5 oz Vinyl Flex Wrap designed to withstand extreme elements. Eco-posters are printed on a poly-ethylene material designed to give a vibrant image on a single use, recyclable material.

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Q: Where will our billboards be posted?

A: We will work with you to define your target audience as succinctly as possible. From there, we will use 50 years of experience to select a tentative list of locations we feel will reach that audience. If you want, you will be able to review and approve the location list prior to posting.

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Q: Can you give us a list of available billboards from which to choose?

A: We have a couple different advertising solutions. A vast majority of billboards are part of some kind of rotation or moving program, and those are not typically available to select. If you’d like a bulletin, you may select from a list of available permanent bulletins. We also have hundreds of poster locations and a growing list of digital units that we can utilize to customize a plan for your purchase.

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Q: Who will design our billboard?

A: We can provide as much or as little design assistance as you need. You may design and order your own production, or you can utilize our nationally renowned design team and we can take care of production for you. Production of the billboard ad will be billed separately from advertising space. It is our experience that advertisers who submit full creative control to Burkhart experience the best results from their campaign.

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Q: How do you know outdoor advertising will work for me?

A: After 50 years in the outdoor advertising business, we have been associated with scores of success stories of clients that want to reach as broad an audience as possible in addition to their targeted audience. Our billboard locations with your message will be seen by a guaranteed number of cars driving by each day. Additionally, while outdoor advertising stands on its own merits, it can also enhance other media by providing a reminder, reinforcement and a consistent presence.

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Q: How much does a billboard campaign cost?

A: Campaigns and costs can vary significantly. Our team of outdoor media experts will help you determine the best options based on your advertising parameters.

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Q: How many designs can we run on a digital billboard?

A: There is no limit on the number of designs.

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Q: Can you take this newspaper ad (or other existing media) and turn it into a billboard?

A: In a word, no. But our design team can take the concept or idea and apply it to outdoor in an effective, simple way.

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