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Outdoor Rocks!

Give your advertising some fresh air with our fall poster promotion!

Use your outdoor voice with out of home packages as low as $70 per week! Sign contract before Labor Day to receive our special pricing. Advertising must be completely used by November 28. Contact your local Account Executive or call 800-777-8122 to take advantage of this limited time offer. READ MORE

Extend your Reach

Design is always more interesting when you color outside the lines—that’s why we love when clients are willing to break boundaries by adding extensions and other nontraditional materials to their outdoor advertising. READ MORE

The Fine Art of Outdoor

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely seen outdoor advertising in one form or another—whether it was a billboard, wallscape, digital display or guerilla tactics. What you might not have seen is modern day hand-painted outdoor. READ MORE

Soak Up The Sun

Kick off summer right with this seasonal promotion from Burkhart Advertising!

Catch some rays with out of home packages as low as $78 per week! Sign contract by May 28 to take advantage of this limited time offer. Advertising must be completely used by Labor Day. Contact your local Account Executive or call us at 800-777-8122 to book your outdoor media plan! READ MORE

The Power of a Chuckle

No matter what market you’re in, one thing is for sure in out of home advertising: a little chuckle goes a long way. Humorous outdoor done right will put a smile on someone’s face and leave a lasting brand impression. Here’s a look back on a few of our own grin-inducing, gut-busting boards.READ MORE

OOH No-No’s

It’s the beginning of a brand new year. Companies everywhere have booked outdoor media plans in hopes of bouncing back from the whirlwind of 2020. Unfortunately, many will make costly mistakes on their billboard design strategy. Here are our top three out-of-home no-no’s and ways to avoid them—so you can turn your media investment into profit. READ MORE

Bundle up your billboards

Begin the new year right with this promotion from Burkhart Advertising.

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Cass County 20 weeks
Clinton County 20 weeks
DeKalb County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
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Marshall County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Miami County 20 weeks
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Noble County 20 weeks
St. Joseph County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks | Digital
Steuben County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Tippecanoe County 20 weeks | 50 weeks | 100 weeks
Wabash County 20 weeks
Whitley County 20 weeks

Making Business Better Highlight: Healthcare

Healthcare is essential in every thriving community. Informing the public that they have immediate access to top-rated facilities is key, now more than ever.

Out of home can play a critical role in conveying specific services, technologies and practices to a broad audience. Making your message concise, creative and simple bodes well for any healthcare provider.

Here are just a few creative examples we have designed to elevate some local names in the healthcare field. READ MORE

Bulletin Blitz

Bulletins are the largest out of home unit, built to deliver maximum exposure. Often located in high traffic areas and on main roadways, bulletins are a great place to create familiarity for your brand through high impact and highly effective advertising. 

For a limited time, Burkhart is offering great deals on bulletins in Allen & St. Joseph Counties. For a short-term, 7 period commitment (28 weeks), promote your brand in the biggest way on roadways in your market. Available campaign start dates are August 10, 17, 24 and 31. Pick just one, mix and match inventory, or contact your local Account Executive today to learn about other bundling opportunities.READ MORE

Celebrating 2020 Seniors

With schools shutting their doors for the remainder of the year, many seniors missed out on several rights of passage –walking the stage at graduation, prom and final sports seasons just to name a few.

Here are some examples of how Northern Indiana school districts have expressed their congratulations to these bright young minds using out of home. READ MORE

Making Business Better Highlight: Real Estate

Leveraging out of home in real estate is a game changer in local markets. Targeting sellers and buyers in areas where real estate is being sold can significantly increase the effectiveness of an agency connecting with its consumers.

Check out a few of our favorite creative strategies for our real estate clients.READ MORE

Making Business Better Highlight: Food & Drink

Out of home has always been a large component in any media buy for the food and drink industry. It allows for some of the more interesting and visual approaches that connect with consumers on a mouth-watering level.

The location of billboards can be key in directing consumers to a specific restaurant, maybe one they’ve never heard of, or where to buy a product they’re craving.

Here are some tasteful designs carefully crafted to entice passerbys.READ MORE

Making Business Better Highlight: Education

Whether it’s recruiting future students or uplifting current ones, out of home advertising remains a staple in education from elementary to university. 

Some top schools in our community use out of home to showcase programs and highlight student success.

Here are some unique approaches Burkhart has devised for Northern Indiana’s prestigious educational programs.READ MORE

COVID-19 Update

To all of our Customers, Partners and Friends,

We pray this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

At Burkhart, we are so very grateful for your business and the opportunity to be your partner; especially during these challenging times. READ MORE

Advertisement Overtime

In lieu of last night’s game, we found it an appropriate time to reflect on a few of our favorite Super Bowl commercials. Although TV broadcast isn’t our particular forte, they affect our culture and set a standard across media platforms throughout the year.

In no particular order, here are our top five that tugged on our heart strings, or simply couldn’t get out of our heads. READ MORE

When More is More

It’s a well known fact that simple, short headlines garner the most attention and memorability in out of home. But, there are always exceptions to the rule. A long message flips that rule on its head, which can lead to a greater response.READ MORE

Out of Home Is Real

OAAA and the OOH industry launched a campaign to demonstrate the medium’s presence in the real world. The OOH is Real campaign, created by agency Extra Credit Projects, highlights OOH’s ability to amplify and enhance media plans, offering creative impact and contextual relevance while driving digital and mobile performance. READ MORE

I’m Your Type

When selecting a font or typeface for your billboard, it’s essential to choose wisely. Onlookers only have a few seconds to digest the information displayed. Complicated or wordy designs can be overwhelming to look at and ultimately underwhelming for your bottom line. READ MORE

OOH & Ahhhh

Celebrating America’s independence with a bang is always something we can agree on. Here are some examples of out of home advertising from our archives that really nailed what 4th of July means to us.