OOH No-No’s

It’s the beginning of a brand new year. Companies everywhere have booked outdoor media plans in hopes of bouncing back from the whirlwind of 2020. Unfortunately, many will make costly mistakes on their billboard design strategy. Here are our top three out-of-home no-no’s and ways to avoid them—so you can turn your media investment into profit.

1. Too Much Text

Your audience only has about eight seconds to absorb your message, so be short and sweet. A headline, image and logo is often enough for a successful billboard. Leave the points of contact and lengthy descriptions for other forms of advertising that your audience has more time with.

2. Complicated Images

The same principle applies here: less is more! High resolution photography with a main focal area and a simple background will do. Bold colors and high contrast also makes for impactful OOH. If you must use a complex image, try to avoid placing text over the photo.

3. Just Plain Boring

It may be easy to simply announce what you are selling, but a clear, creative concept can really elevate your brand from the competition. Trying sharing your message in a new, engaging way—and take risks!

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