Advertisement Overtime

In lieu of last night’s game, we found it an appropriate time to reflect on a few of our favorite Super Bowl commercials. Although TV broadcast isn’t our particular forte, they affect our culture and set a standard across media platforms throughout the year.

In no particular order, here are our top five that tugged on our heart strings, or simply couldn’t get out of our heads.

Apple 1984

Taking a direct jab at IBM and referencing George Orwell’s infamous 1984 prediction, this commercial made massive impact with what would become one of the largest tech innovators of the century.

Budweiser Frogs

An iconic commercial that would have everyone across America chanting the three little syllables, ‘Bud’ ‘Weis’ ‘Er’.

Wendy’s Where’s the Beef

A small amount of beef between two buns looked at by an elderly woman exclaiming, “Where’s the beef?!” would promptly be repeated for decades.

McDonald’s The Showdown

The ultimate game of horse played by two basketball icons. How could you make a commercial more epic?

Coca-Cola Hey Kid… Catch

One of the most parodied and acclaimed commercials of all time. A tale of inspiration, struggle and joy crammed into 30 seconds. Amazing.

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