Out of Home, Fit For You

It can seem to be a daunting task considering all the factors that go into a successful out of home ad. The message, the audience, the location, the time frame that it will be posted.

At Burkhart, we help to try and make the process as easy as possible. Here’s a guide to help alleviate at least one of these factors: your billboard size.

The right billboard choice all depends on what message you want to convey to your audience and how long you want to inform them. Check out all the types of billboards that Burkhart has to offer below.


Poster size billboards are typically located inside cities near homes, businesses and areas of recreation. Traffic in these areas is more consolidated and the speed limit is slower, often allowing for a more descriptive messaging and an audience that’s on foot as well. Production turn around time on posters is the quickest out there.

Who would benefit?
– Advertisers looking to saturate a market.
– A client who needs a message up quickly.
– Location oriented
– A substantial cost to impression ratio


Typically on the side of interstates and highways, bulletin units have a real ‘WOW’ factor. Covering the most square feet in the sky, you can really drive home a powerful message. These displays are larger than life, especially when you factor in some creative thinking and extensions.

Who would benefit?
– Long-term advertisers whose message would remain for a long time
– Directionals before exits to location of business
– Companies looking for greater brand recognition
– Advertisers that are looking out of the box utilizing extensions.


Place your message on the big screen! Digital out of home advertising is close to the same size as a traditional bulletin, but on a large, pixel-based screen. While digital units rotates every 8 seconds, and you share the space with up to 8 other advertisers, digital out of home allows for more flexibility in messaging, plus no production costs.

Who would benefit?
– Advertiser looking for a cost effective way to promote business
– Upcoming events/countdowns
– Live feed for social media integration
– Client looking for dynamic content i.e. weather, time, sports scores, etc

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