Success Story: Peerless Cleaners

Since 1915 Peerless has served northeastern Indiana as the oldest full service cleaner in the area. They have built their reputation on expert service, quality, value and attention to detail. Their experience allows them to determine the best cleaning method for each individual garment, making the process as simple and convenient as possible every step of the way.

Client Objective
Our client had recently been trying to push their home office and delivery service.

Solution Strategy
We peppered the surrounding area in simple, clean (pun intended) posters, while utilizing the ‘Less’ from the logo as a campaign to really drive home the service and their name. In addition we posted a large memorable and eye catching bulletin with extension. 

Peerless Cleaners made an impact in the community and gathered a lot of new cutomser attention. Being in a smaller town with limited advertising options, outdoor media proved itself to be the solution at getting the word out which delivered a record boost in sales. Apparently people don’t like doing their own laundry, who knew? The billboards ending up driving sales so much that Peerless hired two additional full-time drivers to their Fort Wayne Service area.

In Our Client’s Words
“Burkhart had consistently challenged the way we were advertising since we met with them 2 years ago… So, at the beginning of this year, we finally decided to give them a chance to pitch us something and see if it was as creative and they claimed, and could really help our business grow. Not only did they create a fun and exciting billboard campaign for us, they created a campaign structure for us to use in other mediums, like our magazine ads you all see. That has been an incredible time-saving value to our business, and it has allowed us to focus on other things we might not usually get to focus on.”

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