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While giant companies like Facebook and Google make millions on digital advertising, they turn to out of home advertising for their own marketing.

They are not alone. The world’s largest companies – tech companies in particular – rely on outdoor advertising to make an impact, and their usage is driving the growth of the industry (Out of home is the only form of traditional media expected to grow in 2018). Apple, Google, and Amazon are ranked amongst the top six spenders on out of home advertising in 2018. Netflix also ranked in the top 15.

“Tech companies have become massive spenders of outdoor advertising but in specific ways,” said Vincent Letang, Executive Vice President of Global Market Intelligence at research firm Magna.

Digital outdoor advertising has been particularly attractive to these companies. The digital medium allows companies to put up ads in seconds, creating relevant and timely messages that’s hard to beat.

“Things that people can physically see and touch are much more believable,” said Chris Garbutt Global Chief Creative Officer for the advertising agency TBWA. “It makes sense for these tech companies to use outdoor advertising.”

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