An Extended Impact

How do you make the most effective advertising medium even more potent? Color outside the lines and break boundaries with a message that’s simple, memorable and bigger than most.

The most successful designs utilize a concept that gives a reason behind going beyond the edges of the billboard.

Here is a tribute to some of our favorite billboards containing extensions.


PEERLESS CLEANERS | Peerless wanted to advertise a promotion they were really trying to drive the message home, or even your office.

TWO EEs WINERY | Simple and creative extension adds a touch of elegance to this board for Two-EEs.

FREEDOM HEATING & PLUMBING |  To get houses ready for winter, Freedom released this to the market as new clients flocked.

MARATHON | Near a busy fork in the road as you enter Fort Wayne, Marathon placed this billboard inviting the community to fill up on coffee and gas.

RED BARN VETERINARY CARE |Red Barn wanted to make a loud statement with a fun message for everyone with furry friends.

POTAWATOMI ZOO|  Potawatomi Zoo boasts an array of wild critters and with this board they really hit the who’s who of South Bend.


ADAM WELLS | With the addition of shadows behind the antennas, this Adams Wells board looks almost 3D!

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