A Higher Form of Hiring

Recruiting for open positions in today’s job market can be time-consuming and difficult. Finding the right place to post becomes increasingly difficult with so many options. Luckily there’s a way that’s classier than the classifieds and more intuitive than online search engines: billboards.

The traditional form of advertising has been announcing jobs for centuries, and arguably works even harder today than the online recruitment websites and search engines.

Burkhart has many clients who have successfully used out of home media to promote job openings. One Success Story comes from Tractor Supply Company, who has successfully used digital and traditional billboards to hire. “I had [an] immediate response. Burkhart provided different solutions for me to choose from after one conversation. The amount of ad views is incredible, and the media buy was an honest transaction,” said Carrie Seymour, Human Resources Manager at Tractor Supply Company.


Keep it Simple

Too often you see billboards with too much information. Ultimately you have 8 or less seconds for your main objective to spark the interest of a potential job candidate enough to have them follow-up with a search, or provide them with clear action steps to apply.

Display Your Best Work

Good creative can mean the difference between an effective or pointless ad. What can you do to make your billboard, and your business, stand out among the other dozen of advertisements your audience will see that day?

Pick the Right Locations

Be strategic with your locations. High traffic areas or specific demographic locations based on your current employee base are a great place to start. You can also target routes to competitors in your area, or get locations close to your business for a directional based design.




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