Go Outdoors: How billboards beat out social ads

It’s no secret in the out of home industry that billboards and other forms of outdoor media are powerful message drivers. But what is not well known is how much more effective they are than other forms of new-age advertising.

Digital and social media advertising can be ultra-targeted, but they are also a format that is highly saturated with many marketers messages. It’s difficult to really track who’s clicking on your ads, and many companies are now dealing with fraudulent data due to bots. You also have to rally around ad-blocking technology that is becoming evermore prevalent.

Out of home advertising is in the real world, and is not prone to “click fraud.” It is also a media with high frequency and significant, trackable exposure and traffic. OOH also reaches more than 90% of the population every day—more people than any other form of advertising.

Lastly, out of home advertising helps drive online traffic, too. OOH advertising is more effective than any other media in driving online activity.

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