The Digital Advantage

While billboards are the oldest form of advertising, they are also a medium that continues to advance as the industry grows and changes.

One example of this is digital billboards. Introduced in the mid-2000s, this innovation in billboard technology has allowed out of home advertising to remain relevant in the new digital age. It also allows billboard users various new ways to utilize the media that traditional static billboards can’t. Cutting-edge technology encourages custom creative executions building a unique campaign and advertising experience for advertisers and and spectators alike.


With traditional billboards, over time materials can impair as they are exposed to the sun and other weather elements. The  LED display of a digital billboard is bright, brilliant, eye-catching. Plus an LED bulb lasts 100,000 hours or more, which translates to about 11 years.


Although you are sharing the screen with other advertisers on a digital board, the constant changing of the ads draws drivers’ eyes to the motion and color, so your ad is seen and absorbed more effectively than if it were on a static billboard in the same spot.


With no production costs and quick upload times, digital is a way to have a unique, ever-changing message for your brand. The technology also allows for interesting design executions, like countdowns, scoreboards, fundraising, and more. Learn more and see examples on our digital product page.


Whether you advertise on a static or digital billboard, out of home advertising is an effective way to reach your audience. 39% of adults who have viewed a billboard have visited a store they saw advertised, 26%  immediately after seeing a billboard ad! Learn more about the advantages of digital advertising at Billboard Insider.

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