Political Advertising with Burkhart

In today’s political environment, advertising plays a strong role in communicating key issues and elections. Leveraging outdoor advertising is a cost-effective way to promote and increase awareness of your campaign.

Billboards are a crucial piece of the media mix for political campaign strategies for good reason. Out of home ads are concise and memorable. They make a strong statement that stands out from the noise of other mediums. It allows you to reach your electorate with messages that are always on and are not subject to ad blocking technology. Out of home advertising is a non-intrusive form of mass communication that can make or break the success of a political campaign.

Burkhart Advertising has many options when it comes to your advertising campaign, but have created a unique opportunity for high saturation toward your voting target audience in a number of our counties across northern Indiana.

Learn more below or check out our Political Advertising page to see our timelines, buying process and more.

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