Relieving Small Business Summer Stress

Summer can be a busy time for small business owners, which not only means potentially more profits, but also more stress.

Kabbage asked small business owners across the world how they enjoy a stress-free summer while still maintaining their brands, and we’ve got a few of our favorites below. Check out the whole article here.


“Our e-commerce apparel business involves a lot of time on the computer. We’re always using art software to create our designs or logging onto social media to connect with our customers, so when we relax, we want to completely disconnect. Our go-to activities involve getting outside with our kids, exploring the woods near our home, gardening or just having a good old water balloon fight. Our family is the main reason why we started our small business, so it’s important that our down time focus on cherishing each other.” –Tiffany and Matthew Barry, Moonlit13 Clothing Co.


“My favorite summer activity is fishing. This relieves work stress. Being on the water is soothing and relaxing.  Sometimes it’s nearly hypnotizing. Catching fish is nice, but being on the water is the real stress reliever. Also, taking walks and hikes are also very relaxing.” –Bruce Cameron, The Counseling Practice of Bruce W. Cameron, MS, LPC-S, LSOTP PA


“The way I like to de-stress during the summer is to go on a hike surrounded by nature –  preferably a place without a phone signal. It’s nice to disconnect and get back in touch with the natural world. It helps provide clarity of mind and perspective around the fact that our day to day struggles and issues are so much smaller in the grand scheme of things.” –Brandon Crossley, Pointdexter


“Getting a good sweat on is an incredible way to relieve stress. I play golf, squash, tennis, soccer, basketball and volleyball. If something is bothering you at work, you can always pound on a ball to relieve that stress. It’s funny how things get back into perspective after a good workout.” – Kean Graham, MonetizeMore


“During the summer, I enjoy spinning and doing yoga and Pilates before or after I head into the office. I typically work out right after I wake up in the morning because it gets me ready for the day and allows me to clear my head before I head out. In the evenings, I like to meditate – unwind, unplug and practice an attitude of gratitude. Even if the day has been stressful, there is always so much to be thankful for. Taking that time to pause and reflect helps to adjust your mindset and be content in knowing you did the very best you could with where you were at.” – Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation


“Like many entrepreneurs, I become one with the computer from the start of the morning to late evening. During the summer, I make an effort to disconnect and get into real sunshine. My favorite business breaks involve simply taking a walk through a park near my office. Listening to music, appreciating the greenery around me, not focusing on any business tasks or conversations – just being in the moment. Noticing everything from the clouds above to the weeds below – it’s nothing, and it’s everything I need to refresh my brain and recharge my energy.” – Susana Fonticoba, Sisters in Entrepreneurship


“My background is in the arts so the best stress relief from business coaching is performing improv. This can be done year-round, but the summer opens up interesting outdoor places to perform around town like festivals and any community environments.” – Joy Passey, JOY Prosperity Coaching, Inc.


“[Take] your team on a leadership retreat … book a weekend at a campground and plan teambuilding and leadership activities that bring employees closer together.” – David Tile, Nimble Media


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