Why Your Customer’s Buy From You

Have you ever stopped to wonder why your customers buy from you? Why do they need your products or services? And why do they pick you over other options available to them?

Companies who understand their target audience on a deep, emotional level are likely to outperform others, says Shari Levitin, author of Heart and Sell: 10 Universal Truths Every Salesperson Needs to Know. Business leaders who understand their customers’ “core emotional motivators” develop outstanding product and brands. When it comes buying, the heart rules the head, and good salespeople know that.

There are seven primary reasons why people purchase a product or service:

Products that can successfully play into fear and offer a solution that makes consumers less afraid are more likely to sell.



People are always looking for new things to do and try, and brands that show an adventurous lifestyle can flourish because of it.



With a new generation of “likers,” brands that are able to harness this energy and create significance for themselves do well.



Research shows that marketing to social bonds can be very effective by reaching into a universal facet of society.


Health & Wellness

Consumers are more likely to pay big bucks for products that promise mental, physical and emotional uplifts.


Success & Sense of Purpose

Most people lack the latter, so businesses that makes them feel they’re contributing to something larger is very appealing.


Growth & Education

People will pay to be, look and feel smart to make themselves seem better.

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