Importance of Integrated Marketing

From large corporations to small mom-and-pop shops, every successful business needs a marketing strategy. Successful marketing strategies are integrated, meaning they combine traditional tactics (like billboards!) and non-traditional methods to maximize their impact and reach the largest audience possible.

Mark Schmukler, CEO and co-founder of  Sagefrog Marketing Group has some ideas about why integrated marketing is so important.


Digital Doesn’t Cover All The Bases

As much as digital is made out as the “be-all, end-all” when it comes to exposure for your business, many recent studies say otherwise. While it can be a valuable marketing asset, it should only be a slice of your marketing pie.


Optimizing Your Investment

Accessing all the tools available to you is important, and can help you move as fast as your competitors when it comes to utilizing new marketing methods.


Helps to Narrow Your Focus

Keeping track of your analytics is important with any campaign, but defining these people can help you choose the most effective tactics to reach your audience, and use your marketing dollars wisely.


People Don’t Always Hear You The First Time

Seven: the number of times a customer needs to hear your message before they act. Integrated marketing plans allow you to spread your message out across various platforms, increasing your chances of being heard.


Your Competition Is Doing It

It’s more than likely your competition is already utilizing this marketing trend, which means they’re already engaging with your shared audience in ways you’re not.


It Works Well For Everyone

If you think your business won’t fit an integrated marketing plan, think again. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, but putting your business out there in new ways can only improve your chances of success.

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