7 Tips to a Bold Brand

With more than 28 million small businesses in the US, how can you make yours stand out?

Entrepreneur took a look at the factors that help brands make a bold statement against their competition. Some of our favorites that describe the personality of bold brands are outlined below. Don’t miss the full article here.


Don’t mimic someone else’s brand, or people won’t choose you over
your competition. Find an angle no one else has taken before, and develop
a look, voice and reputation that’s all yours.

Invest in the “personality” side of your brand. Copy-and-pasted
responses don’t resonate with your consumers. Creating real relationships
with customers will benefit every side of your business.

Understand your target audience. Know who they
are, how they shop and how to sympathize with them to
generate engagement and trust.

In branding, risk often leads to reward. Don’t be afraid to try
new techniques, take a stance on a controversial issue  or try
something outside your comfort zone. This behavior
encourages loyalty and respect from your audience.

Clearly define your brand standards and be sure to be consistent
across any marketing platform. Familiarity and predictability is as important to
the way you portray your business as it is to the way you do business.

If people can’t see your brand, they won’t be able to respond to it.
While “organic” customers are there, nothing beats a well planned
marketing strategy to build your image and reputation.
(And if it includes billboards then all the better!)

Stand out by offering better: better products, services, customer
satisfaction and engagement. All these things lead to happier and
more willing customers, and a more successful brand for you.

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