Success Story: National Oil & Gas

National Oil is a petroleum distributor based in Bluffton, Indiana. In business for over 70 years, they provide gasolines, fuels, and oils for motor vehicles, home heating, and farms. In an effort to increase users of their Marathon Visa credit cards, an OOH campaign was created, leading the company toward successful results.

Client Objective
To increase the knowledge, applications and use of the Marathon Visa card.

Solution Strategy
National Oil used full market coverage through the use of multiple locations and products, and leveraged the message with creative based on pricepoint reductions.

Through all of National Oil’s advertising tactics, OOH has been the most consistent and effective. This has become the #1 market for the Marathon Visa card across the nation.

In Our Client’s Words
“Without Burkhart, I wouldn’t have the ability to organize my campaigns quickly. They understand the programs available and what would be best for [us]. Our day-to-day contact is responsive and always pushing the envelope with the campaigns and creative. They’re fun, it’s a blank canvas, and we love utilizing the digital platform. It is a great platform to communicate a message and it’s excitement.

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