Reaching Generation Z

While Generation Z is reported to be the most “accessible age group of all time,” companies are still struggling to find the best way to get their message to them with positive and profitable outcomes.

Entrepreneur recently took a look at the trends of this 15-22 year old age group, and came up with these tips to help businesses more effectively reach this audience.

Use the Right ROI: Talk with them, not at them. Use social media as a tool to engage with and listen to your audience.


Be Authentic: “Authenticity is no longer an option for brand targeting Gen Z. It takes a clever blend of realness and relatability for brands targeting teens to be successful,” said Greg Witt of Immersive, a youth marketing agency.


Think Fast: It’s a common misconception that youth have a short attention span, but if content is not engaging and to the point, you’ll lose their interest in an instant.


Go Native: Gen Z is more receptive to brands that understand their lifestyle, so know your customers inside and out. Be part of their communities and get a deeper understanding of their culture to penetrate the customer’s emotions.


Focus: While many brands struggle with narrowing their audience to one target, don’t worry about restricting your customers to Gen Z: by 2020 they’ll account for 40% of all consumers.


Strive for Instant Gratification: Bring consistent value and keep content digestible to reach your audience before they seek (or create their own) alternatives.


Thank Them with Rewards: Customers in this age range are incentivized with rewards, which can also gain your brand access to names and email addresses for further engagement.

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