Timely, Relevant, Trending

Trends are tricky when it comes to your business. There are many questions that arise about brand integrity, relevance and competition. How do you decide which trends are worth following? How can you make a change while still remaining true to your mission?

These are all questions that Joy Chen, contributing writer to Entrepreneur Magazine, works to examine and answer in a recent article, “Capitalize on Trends But Stand Firm on Your Identity,” and we’ve pulled out some of our favorite advice below.


“You don’t want to miss an opportunity to make a potentially positive change, so start by looking at the scope of each trend: does it affect your overall industry, or only a handful of your competitors? Has it taken root in other industries as well? How your business can leverage it for maximum benefit?”


“As you present your brand to the public, underscoring your brand cornerstones reinforces that your brand is dependable while also reminding customers how it stands apart from competitors reacting to the same trends.”


“Understanding your customer is critical for ensuring that your brand truly connects with the public with any considered changes based on trends.”

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