Tips & Guidelines

Burkhart works with a team of skilled, award-winning designers who understand the challenges and opportunities of designing for outdoor. Here are some tips to create memorable designs and captivate your audience.


Who is your audience? Try to reach everyone and you’ll appeal to no one.


What are you trying to say? Keep it to one simple message to be most effective.


Why are you advertising? What is the goal you are trying to achieve with your message?

Logo Formats

Vector-based logos are the preferred format (commonly seen as .ai or .eps). If these are not available, logos should be provided as a 300dpi, high-resolution image.

Client Provided Photography

Images from Google searches are not permissible for use. Images and logos pulled from client websites cannot be used for outdoor as they will not be high enough resolution. We encourage professional photography. Amateur photography will look amateur. If personal digital photography is the only option, please use the highest resolution and quality settings available on your device, and take the photo in natural lighting on a plain background.

Stock Photography

We are relatively resourceful about finding quality, royalty-free imagery. We do have limited sources, however, and specific photo requests may not be available. We will do our best to provide imagery that fits your needs.

Artwork Requirements

Accepted files are: PSD, JPG, EPS, and High Resolution PDF. Microsoft Word (.doc) and Publisher (.pub) files are not acceptable.

Cut Out Clutter

Cut Out Clutter

Simplicity is key in outdoor design. Your audience has only a few seconds to read your message, so stick to 8-10 words and remove any non-important information.

Create Contrast

Create Contrast

Whether it be with colors, typefaces, or varying sizes of elements, adding contrast makes for a more eye-catching and memorable ad.

Read It, or Weep

Read It, or Weep

Replace flourishing fonts in favor of bold, simple serifs and san serifs. Script fonts are hard to read and compromise the effectiveness of your design.

Hit the Bullseye

Hit The Bullseye

Test your design by showing it to someone at a distance for 5-10 seconds. Did they catch your message? Were they
compelled to take action?

Please contact your Burkhart Account Executive with any questions.

Download these Tips & Guidelines or an example of a Creative Brief.